Lily of the ValleyLongest SummerBoy with Pearl ButtonsFish DoctorThe Rib CagePillow TalkAllegory of MelancholyThe Banker's DaughtersThe Fortune TellerA Fox in the Hen HouseHomo BullaThe Music RoomSelf as NarcissusUntitledAllegory of PhotographyCat's CradleFeast of the NewlywedsMourning FlowerAllegory of Vanity
Homo Bulla
Being interested in issues of social and environmental conflict, I continue to work in a style that attempts to reproduce traditions of the old art forms in ways that question the fact of photography’s truth telling ability. This series of photographs encompass the interpretations of courtly paintings, religious parables, and modern street sensibilities to create a sense of history within a utopian vision. I investigate contemporary culture with a camera, and then reconstruct interior and exterior environments from an amalgam of different photographs, composing landscapes and portraits that mirror the traditions of painting to serve as a metaphor for the repetition of history. My work is both documentary, fictional, autobiographical, and reflects the world in which we live today. My images move beyond the modern mentality to explore a fantastical side of our everyday lives. The landscapes I document can be decades apart or miles apart as then they are re-assembled to create my own mythic adventure.