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Among the River of Ghosts
Among the River of Ghosts
Archival Pigment Print

Made in Chimerica is a series of collaged photographs that incorporate and merge imagery from my travels in China and life in America. The word Chimerica is a contemporary term used to describe the symbiotic relationship and parallel passage between China and the United States. This body of work explores the technique of the “angle of totality” which is the strategy of depicting multiple perspectives, traditionally found in Chinese landscape painting. Implementing technology as the protagonist, I developed images that connected the narrative traditions of the past and allowed for a pictorial mirroring of our modern and cultural narratives. These illusionary representations of the landscape explore architectural devices to re-define cultural conventions. As I re-shaped and re-experienced the original digital images, these landscapes were not intended as a single visual confrontation but as an assemblage of experiences that attempted to describe the intimate connections of a single moment of exaltation amidst the beauty of nature and culture.